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Clement Gallois

Clement loves solving big problems, telling stories and designing amazing things. Clem works across disciplines to connect the dots and develop compelling stories and design product and experience solutions for companies such as HTC, Phiaton, Starbucks, Huawei and Kohler.

Oliver Mueller

Oli has a passion for design, architecture, graphics, and photography as well as fixie bikes and EDM. As an industrial designer he's developed consumer electronics, medical equipment, and furniture products for companies like Microsoft, HP, Starbucks and Braun.

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John Mabry

A thinker, maker and doer, John has spent the past decade working in the consumer tech space with clients like Intel, Microsoft, HP, Starbucks, Xbox and Samsung. In his spare time John makes model kits, fixed-gear bikes, LEGO creations, even music--anything that allows him to experiment with his hands.


Michael Charles

Mike has been creating products and services for over 13 years, servicing a global clientele in a wide range of industries and is passionate about bringing well rounded and considered experiences to life.


Kay Kim

Kay finds inspiration in unexpected places. As a thinker, designer and storyteller, Kay is passionate about creating products and experiences that communicate emotion, and are as beautiful as they are functional. 



Roger Jackson

Roger is an optimist, designer, lover, fighter, father and fan. At TEAGUE he leads a small tech-focused team of incredibly talented hybrid designers and technologist as committed to changing the world as he is.


Taylor Sizemore

Taylor is a creator and designer who thinks, draws, welds, and hot glues his ideas to help serve the needs of the world.