Safety first.

When it comes to convincing people to leave the comfort of their car and choose a bike as their commuting mode of transport, you have to make them feel safe. City bike safety is directly tied to the realities of sharing tarmac with bigger and faster vehicles that generally don't look out for bikes. To combat that, we tried to make the DENNY bike as equally visible as those cars and buses.

Typical bike lights have used a strobe effect to draw attention, but that can have an adverse impact of making distances hard to judge for other drivers. So DENNY leverages more common methods used by the other vehicles.

DENNY_top view_on BLACK.jpg

Halo Lights.

Bright LED's housed underneath the front shelf, shine down on to the road giving a more visual footprint of the bike.

turn signal.jpg

Day Running Lights.

All the lights run as day-lights activated by the motion of the bike. They turn off once the bike is stationary for more than 2 mins.

Brake & Turn Signals.

The brake lights come on automatically by using the brakes, while the turn signals are activated by a simple button press.