The DENNY prototype has been on a bit of a world tour having made stops in Vegas, Philly and Taiwan! but she's finally home in Seattle. To celebrate we invited Fuji over to make this baby real!.

Mark from Fuji came by the studio this week to spend the day white boarding and fine tuning solutions. Moving a concept through to production is always a challenge, especially trying to safeguard the design intent. Thankfully Mark is as passionate about DENNY as we are.

We obviously can't get too deep into the specifics of the session, but we're still aiming for 2 versions of the bike (one with e-assist and one without). Volumes (amount of DENNY bikes being made) dictate many of the choices we have to make, what materials do we use, which components, what manufacturing processes... so the likelihood is we'll be going well beyond the initial 100 bikes, and get closer to 1000. Because we know DENNY has fans across the globe, we're getting up to speed on the variations on regulations—especially for lighting in Europe.

It was a great meeting, where we aligned on a number key factors. We'll keep you posted on the specifics when we can ;)