We want to apologize to DENNY fans for the silence these past few months. We created this website as a platform to share the next chapter of the DENNY story with DENNY fans and the world. And we’ve done a terrible job. 

It’s been almost two years since we kicked-off the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project along with four other amazing design firms from across the US. We detailed both the highs and lows of our journey on Fast Company’s Co.Design website; it was an exciting and challenging adventure for us, a project that sat right at the intersection of the two areas we’re most passionate about: travel and technology.

DENNY captured your hearts and your votes last July, officially winning the Bike Design Project competition and its reward: Fuji would make the DENNY concept real with the promise of launching the DENNY bike in 2015. 

As 2015 comes to a close Fuji is not quite ready to launch DENNY, but we know they've made some great progress—we know that Fuji is currently prototyping and testing the frame, and that they’ve been working on refinements to the basket and the lights to meet regulations for worldwide distribution. As far as we know, the “e” component of DENNY has not be resolved. While we were only ever meant to design and deliver a concept as part of the competition, we’ve spent the last year working to realize the DENNY handlebar. Some of you may have seen the latest iteration at Interbike in the Interlock booth. To date, we’ve designed and patented a universal product, the DENNYbar, that could work on the DENNY bike as initially intended as well as any other bike, but we’re still looking for a manufacturing partner. Will be sharing the story behind created the DENNYbar on this website beginning next month. 

We’re sorry we don’t have better news. Or even more news! We’re excited to see DENNY making some progress and for Fuji to share the story behind the making of DENNY in 2016! Subscribe to receive updates in the footer!