Creature comforts.

Convenience is probably the biggest reason we drive cars vs. ride bikes, especially in the stop-start nature of transport in the city. It's also the reason the automatic shifting has become mostly standard within automobiles.

To attract non-riders to give up the "creature comforts" of a car we added them to the bike!

Flexible Storage.

The flexible cargo net molds to the shape of your laptop bag, coffee cups or your recent purchase at the farmers market!

removable battery.

Underneath that front storage tray, lives the brains and the battery. Rather than having to bring your bike into your home or office to charge it, we made the battery removable.

Auto shifting e-assist.

No one likes to arrive at work sweaty and late, so we simplified things with an auto shifting 11-speed hub and an electric pedal assist that takes the edge of those killer hills.