Redefining A Classic.

The DENNY bike is about returning the rider to those early days of carefree riding. Inspired by the diverse community and unpredictability of our home: Seattle. Through the auto-shifting, electric assist, smart lighting and integrated lock, we've created an intuitive biking experience for urban riders. Now you don't have to worry about the hills or an impromptu 'farmer's market' trip! DENNY is the "all in" cycling solution that meets security, safety and convenience needs of urban riders.

The DENNY bike, 'an everyday bike that removes the barriers to becoming an everyday rider'.


Smart Lighting.

A lighting system that adapts to the ambient light conditions, while providing the functional (brake and turn signals) and visibility (day-running and halo light) needs of the rider.

Integrated Lock.

DENNY's handlebars act as a U-lock system, either as a 'quick lock' (around a post), or 'long stay' (being completely removed) to secure the wheel and bike frame to a bike rack.

Auto E-Assist.

DENNY leverages a front hub E-Assist with automatic gear shifting. They're activated automatically based on the speed and effort of the ride, to take the sweat out of those hills!